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John Hickey/Jim Morgan - Converting TPS to SQL!
NOV 18,2022
Apologies for the quality of the stream, unfortunately we don't have a recording that is any better. Technical error, I'll double-check settings next time!
noyantis presentation - G-Visuals!
NOV 11,2022
Adding Ultimate SQL To An Existing Application Part 2!
NOV 04,2022
Future Features for Clarion!
OCT 28,2022
Adding Ultimate SQL To An Existing Application!
OCT 20,2022
Showing the contents of a GROUP structure using a LIST!
OCT 14,2022
CIDC 2020 Africa Wrap Up!
OCT 07,2022
TS Plus Update!
SEP 09,2022
Bijan Webinar Agenda Introduce the team 5 Minutes Dominique Benoit: Roadmap for TSplus Remote Access products 20 minutes Caleb Zaharris: General overview of TSplus products, New features 20 minutes Henri Merlin: TSplus Global Sales and growth 10-15 minutes Mike Hudekoff: Advanced Security Demo 20 minutes Bijan J Hosseinian: Server monitoring and Remote Support Demo 15 minutes
DEX Cache Vault – v1.0 -2022 “Pre-release”
SEP 02,2022
G-Visuals Sneak Peek!
AUG 26,2022
The Next xFiles!
AUG 19,2022
[accessory] [xfiles][xml][capesoft]

0:00 - Start
0:07 - Introduction
0:19 - Bruce Starts

xFiles 4 is a major new version of xFiles. In this webinar Bruce shows off all the new features in xFiles. John brings the controversy because conflict leads to likes :)

Let’s Make A Game And Test It Part 2!
AUG 12,2022
Let’s Make A Game And Test It!
AUG 05,2022
Database Drivers: Unstructured, ISAM, and SQL!
JUL 29,2022
[learning] [drivers] [sql] [isam]

0:00 - Start
0:04 - Introduction
0:11 - Bruce Starts

Database drivers are a fundamental feature in the Clarion language. This back-to-basics webinar looks at the file drivers, what they are, what they do, and why they allow you to write portable code.
noyantis Version 6 Part 1!
JUL 22,2022
Mike Hanson Does His Thing!
JUL 15,2022
Mike Hanson Does His Thing, what is that Thing today? Tune in to find out!
Friends Episode 668 - The One Where They Wing It!
JUL 08,2022
Mike may not (or may) have internet. Bruce may (or may not) have a presentation he can do. Always interesting, never dull!
JUL 01,2022
[learning] [language] [errors]

0:00 - Start
0:06 - Introduction
0:26 - Bruce Starts

Errors. AppGen errors. Compile Errors. Link Errors. So many errors, so little time.
Mike Hanson's 666 Festival Of Knowledge!
JUN 24,2022
Testing Better MDI Tabs!
JUN 17,2022
This week, Mike continues with the better MDI Tabs project!
Template Those Tabs!
JUN 10,2022
Part 3 of making better MDI tabs!
A demonstration of ngrok!
JUN 03,2022
ngrok is the programmable network edge that adds connectivity, security, and observability to your apps with no code changes!

ngrok is a globally distributed reverse proxy fronting your web services running in any cloud or private network, or your machine.

ngrok is the fastest way to put your app on the internet. Test mobile apps against your development backend. Build webhook consumers and demo websites without deploying.

Find out more at, and be sure to watch this webinar!!
UltimateMDITabs Part 2!
MAY 27,2022
Wouldn't it be nice to have a tabbed interface in your Clarion programs? That's what we're working on AGAIN!!
UltimateMDITabs Part 1!
MAY 20,2022
Wouldn't it be nice to have a tabbed interface in your Clarion programs? That's what we're working on!!
Catch Up Day!
MAY 13,2022
John has presented a few different projects over the past month... and none of them got finished! Today he'll do a short review of them and make them available for all to download and enjoy!

-- Update to Ultimate Parameters
-- Update to Classify.It!
-- Update to Hacking Recent Lookups; dynamic address lookup