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NEW and IMPROVED UltimateSQL, now with 13% better Help!
DEC 06,2023
John will be showing Mike how to use UltimateSQL.
We did a webinar this week?
NOV 29,2023
Yes we did! Lots of Q&A and a preview of the new and improved UltimateRED!
What was this all about?
NOV 22,2023
UltimateRed almost impressed Mike!!
NOV 15,2023
00:05 Music playing in the background.
01:16 Introduction of Bruce Johnson and Andy Wilson.
01:59 Announcement of the release of the Ultimate Red and Ultimate Everything, which are free and available for download.
02:34 No planned presentation for the day unless someone else has something to share.
03:14 Explanation of the contents of the zip file for Ultimate Red.
03:42 Running Ultimate Red, which helps manage red files and ties into builds.
05:07 Explanation of how Ultimate Red works and its features.
05:43 Selecting drive letters to look for red files.
06:12 Clarification on whether Ultimate Red can identify if a file is a red file.
06:51 Waiting for Ultimate Red to finish scanning files, discussing potential reasons for slow performance.
07:22 Mentioning Everything, a tool for file management and search.
08:31 Demonstration of using Everything to search for files.
09:01 Discussion about potential reasons for the slow performance of Ultimate Red.
09:35 Speculation on potential causes for the slowdown.
10:02 Expressing surprise at the speed of Everything's initial scan.
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!
NOV 08,2023
Mark Overton presents updated Dex Safe, big AI announcements, ClarionLive website to be revamped with NetTalk/DevExtreme!

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:00 Mark Overton - Presentation on Dex Safe
00:34:00 John Hickey - AI Discussion
00:44:00 John Hickey - ClarionLive website discussion
00:52:00 David Swindon - Something strange with threads
01:04:00 Wrap Up

OpenAI DevDay announcement:

Summary from The Rundown AI Newsletter (highly recommended!)
NOV 07,2023
Mini-presentation on Futurepedia, many Q&A's!
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:00 John Hickey - Mini Presentation on AI
00:18:00 Mike Hanson - What version of Clarion are you using?
00:23:00 Andy Morgan - I have a question on looping through a child file after adding a record - but my loop doesn't find it when 1st run. Run a second time and the record is found. Very simple loop that isn't working.
00:40:00 Mark Overton - Hi John, how is progress coming along for release of your UltimateEverything template will it eventually be on the website when release? Thanks!
00:44:00 Fred Shepherd - I have to display an RTF field in a browse column as text. I found the GetText method to strip out the RTF formatting. What embed(s) do I need to place the GetText call so that it converts on the initial display, after a filter, after an update, etc.?
00:51:00 Lisa Daugherty - I have a question on resizing an aws virtual.
01:03:00 Mark Overton - Creating a ram drive
01:05:00 John Hickey -
01:11:00 Wrap Up
DevExtreme + NetTalk = DevExtreme Wrappers from noyantis!
OCT 25,2023
Presentation: Andy Wilton - DevExtreme Wrappers update

00:00:00 Intro
00:04:00 Andy Wilton - Presentation on DevExtreme
00:30:00 Johan Rademan - Possible to see some of the Form pages?
00:35:00 Johan Rademan - Does the validation functionality get the settings from the NT templates or is this a second set of templates to set?
00:39:00 Discussion about Rugby and Big Data!
00:41:00 Bruce Johnson - New Clarion 11 Fixes
00:42:00 Andy Wilton - Limiting Recordsets with Clarion commands
00:46:00 Christopher Hargett - I recently received updates from Clarion for the dynamic file driver and the IP thing. Microsoft Defender reports that they contains a virus. Is that a legit problem or a known mistake by Defender?
00:49:00 Wrap Up

Timers and Countdowns and Clocks oh my!
OCT 18,2023
Presentation: EasyTime v1.2 by Matthew Leavitt

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:47 Matthew Leavitt - Presentation Easy Time Template - email for the code
00:51:00 Andy Morgan - I am using Linder's LSZIP product to create a zip file of support data. Been using for years and years. c6+ In c10 on later versions of windows 10 or 11 - we have seen where the zip process creates a file (size what would be expected 15megs) but the zip file itself appears empty when we open it. No errors on zipping or unzipping. Any ideas where to look? Could this be windows permissions?
00:56:00 Wrap Up

You Always Find Time For The Things That Are Important To You
OCT 11,2023

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:00 John Hickey - Ultimate Red!
00:17:00 Charles Anderson - Local Class template for mins.
00:34:00 Kurt Boller - How do I implement record locking in Clarion with a MS SQL Database?
00:51:00 Chris Buechler -Question about FTP for Andy
00:58:00 Mark Overton - Question on Adding SMS Support when a user has forgotten a password.
01:03:00 Rick Martin - New parameter on a NT method
01:06:00 Andy Wilton - back to Mark's SMS question
01:10:00 Wrap Up

ClarionLive Connect! Premiere episode!
OCT 04,2023
Presentation: How to find a GPF in code BEFORE the CODE statement; update on UltimateRED.

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:00 John Hickey - Feature Presentation - Debugging the construct method of multiple classes
00:35:00 Andy Wilton - Ultimate Debug Update coming after Friday
00:36:00 Chris Buechler - Could you show me how implement docking panes?
00:58:00 Mark Overton - 1) Andy-Can a record when dragged-n-dropped in a report grid maintain focus after adding? 2) Bruce-Using Desktop License Manager Ser# is truncated, I can demonstrate - 3) General question/advice on adding some embed code to a form to detect license level to enable/disable features.
01:10:00 Lisa Daugherty - I've got questions on changing report size and orientation at run time.
01:20:00 Marc Walgren - If I am generating an EXE that is different from my app file, have you seen the manifest generation follow that name?
01:22:00 Charles Anderson - Re Capesoft Installs - Is there a way to pass the install options via command line of a config file?
01:24:00 Andy Wilton - Reply to Mark Overton - Manifest update
01:25:00 Peter Petropoulos - I have a report question. Printing an invoice with group breaks on Customer & Invoice, details printing inside the groups. I need to print summary data on the back of the document. I;m having trouble controling the flip to the back of the document. The first one is generally ok, but batch printing goes wild. Are there examples of how to control printing on the back of a report?
01:36:00 Chris Buechler - One more question…. I’m having issues with PROPPRINT: Device = ‘PrinterA’ with newer windows servers (2019/2022).. (usually wo