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Webinar Support Files
These are files created by our Presenters in support of their presentations.

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file icon Code Camp - SystemIdle Classhot!Tooltip 06/15/2011 Hits: 1778
SystemIdle Class as developed in Code Camp!

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/SystemIdleClass.zip
Ultimate Debug Class as developed in Code Camp!

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/UltimateDebug.zip
file icon ClarionLive! Class Creator!hot!Tooltip 04/22/2011 Hits: 1754
Here it is (finally) the Clarion Live! Class Creator version 1!

Give it a whirl, let me know how it goes at clarionlive@gmail.com!

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/CLClassCreator.zip
Support source code from Mike Hanson's webinar #99 on Long Job processes and threading!

Direct Link! http://www.boxsoft.net/download/clarionlive/MikeHanson-LongJob-1of2.zip
Each week since December, we've been working on a Class to read and write ASCII text files.

Direct LInk to the current Clarion Class Bash classes and example fIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/cTextReaderWriter.zip
Mike Hanson's code examples from Webinar #095

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/MikeHanson-STDebug.zip
David Beggs' subclassing class!

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/Smart-Entry.zip
This is a ZIP file containing two ZIP files discussed in the Australian Webinar #1
on Jan. 20th 2011.  These were created by Mark Goldberg.

Notes from Mark are below:

Included are two ZIP file.

MouseOverFocus_2011_Jan_20.zip is the testbed - MouseOverFocus

ctWndProcMG_2011_Jan_20.zip contains the two classes -
note: I did *not* add conditional LINK or DLL attributes
so if you're sharing them in a DLL/EXE environment
then you'll need to do some work
but in that case, you'll still need to build the .EXP
(most folks here, would be more interested in a .TPL to wrap it)
see http://www.radfusion.com/PDFgallery.htm
for that template skeleton

Supporting FIles: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/supportfiles/MGSubclassingCode.zip

Support source files for Webinar #91, Ben Dell and A Backup Solution For IP Driver Applications.

Direct Link: http://www.clarionlivemedia.com/webinars/CLWebinar091-ResourceFiles.zip
file icon CLRWText Class and Examplehot!Tooltip 01/01/2011 Hits: 1524
This is our first practical Class project, the Clarion Live! Read-Write Text Class (CLRWText).

This includes the Class that we began to write on the 12/31/2010 Webinar.  The files included are:
  • The CLRWText class files, CLRWText.inc and CLRWText.clw
  • An EXAMPLE folder with the Example app.  This is in C7 format, sorry it can't be used in earlier versions of Clarion.

Direct Link: http://www.clarionlive.com/images/stories/videos/CLRWText.zip
This is the  01-01-2011 release of the Clarion Live! Open Class project.  This release was modified by Mark Goldberg (thanks Mark!), and added additional comments on how to use it as well as examples for using Queues.

There are two ZIP files included:

ClarionLive OpenClass.zip : This is the Clarion Live! Skeleton Class and Template.  These are used as a starting point to create your own Classes/Templates.

  • Copy the ctClarionLive.clw and ctClarionLive.inc to your \libsrc directory (under your Clarion folder)
  • Copy the CLiveSkeleton.tpl and CLiveSkeleton.tpw to your \template directory (under your Clarion folder)

ClarionLive MultiDll Example: This is an example multi-dll application that shows how to use the Class.
  • Be sure to register the CLiveSkeleton template first!

Direct Link: http://www.clarionlive.com/images/stories/videos/ClarionLive OpenClass.zip

Arnold's first class "Whatever" is posted here!

Direct Link:  http://www.clarionlive.com/images/stories/videos/Whatever.zip
file icon SQL Helper Classeshot!Tooltip 03/31/2010 Hits: 1724
SQL Helper Classes by Gordon Holfelder, from Webinar number 51!

Direct Link:  http://www.clarionlive.com/images/stories/videos/SQLHelperClasses.zip
file icon Skeleton Classhot!Tooltip 01/31/2010 Hits: 1697
This is the "Skeleton" class used as part of the Clarion Live! Open Class project, as discussed in the January 29th Webinar #43.  This is a "barebones" starting class, which includes the .clw and .inc files necessary to start a new class.  We hope to improve the skeleton class as time goes by, with additional comments and instructions, so if you have some contributions, email them to us at clarionlive@gmail.com!  (NOTE: gmail does not like .zip files, so change the extension to something like .zzz and we'll figure it out!)
file icon PARM Classhot!Tooltip 01/15/2010 Hits: 1752
This is the PARM Class that Gordon Holfelder demonstrated in the 01/15/10 Clarion Live! Webinar!
Mark Goldberg shared his .uew WordFile to use with UltraEdit, and here it is!
This is a Glossary of terms to go along with the "Clarion and Version Control" webinar by Rick Martin on Friday, June 5th, 2009.
This is the Outline for the "Clarion and Version Control" webinar by Rick Martin on Friday, June 5th, 2009.
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