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Webinar #192 - Clarion Class Workship - Understanding Classes, Objects, Handles, and more!


Clarion Class Workshop -Understanding Classes, Objects, Handles, and more Part 2!


Mike Hanson

Presenter: Mike Hanson with help from John Hickey and Lisa Daugherty!


We'll be using a Clarion source example file for today's webinar.  

Download it here.


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Download the sample files used in the webinar here!


Webinar #192


Webinar scheduled

Friday, January 4th at

9am PST.  

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Last week, we started on a quest to simplify Classes.  We'd intended to use an example we found in a Clarion discussion on the web, but we never quite got to it!
Instead, we learned how to use the ClarionLive! Class Creator, and started to explore the structure of Classes.
This week, we'll write a simple class that formats an address (address1, address2, City, State, Zip), and then move forward to our example!
Objects, references, classes, oh my!  We've talked a lot over the last several years about writing classes, referencing objects, and more.  Now it's time to put it all together!  
While doing some Clarion searches, I came across a great example by Gustavo Pinsar that demonstrates using Classes in a really clever and practical way.   Join us as we parse through the example, explain what each part does, and get the example up and running.  This will be a practical exercise.
  • Evaluate and refactor the class example written by Gustavo
  • Understand the structure of a class
  • Document and understand each part of the class, and how objects are being used
  • Move the class into standard Clarion .inc and .clw using ClarionLive Class Creator
  • Write a short demo app utilizing the class, using Ultimate Class Template
  •  - utilize Code Completion
If we have time, we'll take a quick look at the Ultimate SQL templates, and see if we can improve some of the ways connections are handled.


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