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Webinar #191 - Clarion Class Workship - Understanding Classes, Objects, Handles, and more!

Clarion Class Workshop -Understanding Classes, Objects, Handles, and more!



John Hickey

Presenter: John Hickey, joined by Mike Hanson and Lisa Daugherty!


We'll be using a Clarion source example file for today's webinar.  

Download it here.


Today's Webgem: Linked in's Clarion Developer's Group


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Webinar scheduled

Friday, December 28th at 9am PST.  

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Objects, references, classes, oh my!  We've talked a lot over the last several years about writing classes, referencing objects, and more.  Now it's time to put it all together!  
While doing some Clarion searches, I came across a great example by Gustavo Pinsar that demonstrates using Classes in a really clever and practical way.   Join us as we parse through the example, explain what each part does, and get the example up and running.  This will be a practical exercise.
  • Evaluate and refactor the class example written by Gustavo
  • Understand the structure of a class
  • Document and understand each part of the class, and how objects are being used
  • Move the class into standard Clarion .inc and .clw using ClarionLive Class Creator
  • Write a short demo app utilizing the class, using Ultimate Class Template
  •  - utilize Code Completion
If we have time, we'll take a quick look at the Ultimate SQL templates, and see if we can improve some of the ways connections are handled.



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