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Using omittable parameters

JP (DMC): Hello Clarion world, a class question please (if anyone is around) :
I have in INC file a procedure declared like this

FillSQLQ                           PROCEDURE(BYTE pType,BYTE pOrigin,BYTE pSQL = False)

in code if I have a call declared like this :

    oDMC_Main.FillSQLQ( eDMC_Wizard , eCaseSource )

the compiler does NOT complain, would this mean having a value set in procedure declaration (the = false) is "seen" by the compiler as a default value even in a call ???

I would have thought I would need to call it with this code

    oDMC_Main.FillSQLQ( eDMC_Wizard , eCaseSource ,false or true)

Mark Sarson: Any byte value would be accepted wouldn't it? So yes default would be false.  So what your procedure is saying is that if I don't get a value for pSQL then set pSQL to false

JP (DMC): Hello Mark
Yes that I had understood, what "bothers" me is the fact the compiler does not complain when I call that procedure without anything there

it seems the compiler - because of the default value in declaration side) adds it for me : cool! avoids having to change all code calls ...

Mark.Goldberg: the prototype notation ...  


is a notation for an OMITTABLE parameter that when omitted, is set to FALSE (in this case)
you could've coded it as   


and then written in the procedure


this is an example found in the LRM:

MyProc3 PROCEDURE(LONG=23)                     !Passes 23 if omitted

note: I strongly prefer seeing the label name in prototypes but of course they are not required. see LRM "Prototype Parameter Lists"

type [ label ] = default

= default
 A default value indicates the numeric parameter is omittable, and if omitted, the default value is passed. The OMITTED procedure will not detect the omission--a value is passed. Valid only on simple numeric types.

Notice the last sentence.... Valid only on simple numeric types.

JP (DMC): OH so that is why
Thanks Mark

Mark.Goldberg: it seems to me that many folks don't know all that they could about prototypes, here are some from %cwroot%\libsrc\builtins.clw


there are quite a few more with defult parameters in there
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